Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sick Days...

It's not often that we're all sick as a family together. And so far, this bug has hit only three of us, meaning myself, the Impertinent Daughter, and the Impossible Son. So, we're all feverish and headachy and stuffy together.

And we've all kept ourselves occupied, to a point. I made popcorn, and we watched Spiderman 2 together, though originally, we were going to watch the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie but the DVD is lost somewhere in the depths of the Impossible Son's room and... none of us have the energy to go digging for it.

We're all sort of out of it, but the kids would have occasional bursts of energy, and this is what happened during one of them. The Impossible Son loaded his Nerf gun...

...took aim, and...




He is most fortunate that (1)she loves him very much and (2)she didn't have the energy to get revenge!

Fortunately, that burst of energy quickly wore off, and now, they are doing this...

and this...

Ahhhh, thank you Nintendo and Shonen Jump magazine!!

Notice, also, that the Impossible Son is being supervised by Calcifer. Way to go, Cal, keep the chaos under control!

*wanders off to take more Motrin*

Brace yourselves...

I just saw this over on a Livejournal comm and... had to watch it a few times just to... absorb it.


This was so ... strange, how could I pass it up? And yes, I admit it, I have a CD of Leonard Nimoy reading poetry with humpback whales singing in the background. How geeky am I?? Never could bring myself to listen to William Shatner sing, and... okay, don't know if I can listen to Leonard Nimoy sing, either, not after this...

Just your daily dose of surreal, y'all!

Monday, April 18, 2011

And I now present...

You have seen a warm Calcifer on my desk.

You have seen a warm Calcifer in my window.

And now, for your gratuitous entertainment, I now present to you...

... Calcifer in a warm scarf!!

See? Didn't that brighten your day?


This stupid window has been sitting open for... I don't want to say how long, while I wait to think of something to write, because... I'm apparently in vapor-lock.

That and I'm waiting for Miss Impertinent's Athletics clothes to dry, because... all weekend to wash them and she brought them to me this morning.

Now, normally, I'd have told her, "Wear them one more day and we'll wash them tonight," but when my eyes are watering just from being in the same vicinity... it's time to wash them. And no need to make her fellow athletes suffer, right?

Or her coach, whom I happen to like...

So, yeah, they're drying and I'll bag 'em up and take them to the school in the next hour because I'm a sucker for big, grey Bambi eyes.

And then there's the fact that... the Impossible Son may or may not be going through his first... crush... and may or may not have a wee bit of a girl friend...

Yes, that's a very bad photo from my Blackberry, which normally takes very good photos, but at that moment, I was a bit... wobbly. And trying to be sneaky. Here's a very slightly better one:

Yes, she's on his soccer team. In fact, she was on his soccer team last season, and they fought like ... well... like... um... Hepburn and Tracy...

Yeah, should have seen that one coming, right? I'm expecting phone calls or something to start soon. I don't know. The Husbandly One is, of course, vastly amused. That's enough to fry my brain right there, you know?

After I take Miss Priss her soccer togs, I'll probably take the laptop out onto the back porch and try to do some writing. Or work on some jewelry. Or do some mending. Something where I can be outside, because I really don't feel like gardening today.

Or maybe I'll just take a nap. We'll see.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


He got FOUR GOALS in today's game, tying it up!


*does cartwheels and terrifies the cats*

Friday, April 15, 2011

Because your kids are sometimes just... incredibly cool...

You know, this whole raising kids gig has had its ups and downs. And anyone who has read this blog knows we have had our share of ups and downs! Sometimes funny, sometimes heartwarming, sometimes hysterical laugh inducing, and sometimes terrifying.

But you know what I think is the absolute coolest thing ever?

When your kids are old enough to start getting your jokes, to snort and laugh when you make obscure references that leave other people scratching their heads, because your kids really get it! It's like you become the coolest, most secret club ever, and you're automatically in!!

It is awesome, seriously.

When your kids are watching some of the same nerdy, goofy shows you watch, and see nothing wrong with it, and if their friends find out and make fun of it, they look at them like they're nuts and say, "But... it's the coolest thing ever and anyone who thinks otherwise is a loser!" And they make it stick!

It just... yeah, makes me smile all day long!

When the Impertinent Daughter drew the Spock fan art for me and now I've gotten her hooked on "Stargate Atlantis" and drew fan art for that, and then last night, we ordered Chinese takeout and sat in the living room watching a disk of "The Big Bang Theory," and it was just the most awesome thing ever! And I sat there on the floor by the Husbandly One's feet, looking around at my little family, watching them get the "Star Trek" references, and the comic book references, and I was suddenly just so happy!

It's one of those moments you just... kinda want to hold onto forever.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I thought it was FRIDAY the thirteenth we were supposed to be wary of...

So far, today sucks.

I knew it was going to suck at 6:05 this morning, which is five minutes after I woke up. I realized it when it dawned on me that no, no one had snuck in during the night and driven a railroad spike through the right side of my head, and no, I wasn't just being horribly uncoordinated and yes, my thought processes were indeed as slow as molasses in January.

I woke up with a friggin' migraine.

Then the Husbandly One, on one of his forays outside, discovered I had a flat tire.


And just to add to the fun, the Impossible Son's ear was hurting to the point of tears.

I was tempted to tell the Impertinent Daughter that she was absolutely forbidden to have anything wrong with her this morning. But I didn't.

THO aired the tire up enough for me to get Miss Impertinent to school, and then to Expert Tire, which has been our go-to for all things car related for a while. And I was really, really hoping it would be a patch job, not a new tire. And I was also hoping that when I called in to the doctor's office, we could get an early appointment so that Mr. Impossible could go to school afterwards, if he was cleared for it.

Yeah. Right.

There was a screw in the tire, the third they'd seen since 7 a.m. and yes, I viewed that with a rather jaundiced eye. Still, it was in a spot that meant no patch job. How convenient. Hello, new tire.

And the only appointment I could get for Mr. Impossible was 12:45, well after the "if you can get him to school before 10 a.m., he won't be counted absent" cut-off. Yeah, even with a doctor's note, they count your kid absent if you bring him in after 10 a.m. The things that drive me nuts about this district don't even need recounting, do they?

So... I'm sitting here, huddled in front of the computer, wishing I could take something for my head, but I can't because... I need to be able to drive, plus Mr. "I Have A Bottomless Pit For A Stomach" is eating everything in sight, and that makes me want to cry because that usually means he's about to have a growth spurt and we just got him new shorts!!


Chocolate. I need lots, and lots, and lots of chocolate. Now. That way, when I wake up from the chocolate induced coma, it will be a whole new day!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Sneaky Jo is... SNEAKY!!!

Remember THIS?

Well, my patience has been rewarded! I have successfully pranked my husband... again!!

I switched out his Buckwheat Zydeco "Ya Ya" ringtone with... a Tarzan yell. Just... the yell. Which plays over and over as the phone "rings."

*falls over laughing*

I did it while he was in the shower this morning.

At least this year, I didn't email friends and family to call him all day, as I didn't want to irritate his boss. But... OH JOY!!!

He's going to be so paranoid next year!!!

*is full of glee*