Monday, April 18, 2011


This stupid window has been sitting open for... I don't want to say how long, while I wait to think of something to write, because... I'm apparently in vapor-lock.

That and I'm waiting for Miss Impertinent's Athletics clothes to dry, because... all weekend to wash them and she brought them to me this morning.

Now, normally, I'd have told her, "Wear them one more day and we'll wash them tonight," but when my eyes are watering just from being in the same vicinity... it's time to wash them. And no need to make her fellow athletes suffer, right?

Or her coach, whom I happen to like...

So, yeah, they're drying and I'll bag 'em up and take them to the school in the next hour because I'm a sucker for big, grey Bambi eyes.

And then there's the fact that... the Impossible Son may or may not be going through his first... crush... and may or may not have a wee bit of a girl friend...

Yes, that's a very bad photo from my Blackberry, which normally takes very good photos, but at that moment, I was a bit... wobbly. And trying to be sneaky. Here's a very slightly better one:

Yes, she's on his soccer team. In fact, she was on his soccer team last season, and they fought like ... well... like... um... Hepburn and Tracy...

Yeah, should have seen that one coming, right? I'm expecting phone calls or something to start soon. I don't know. The Husbandly One is, of course, vastly amused. That's enough to fry my brain right there, you know?

After I take Miss Priss her soccer togs, I'll probably take the laptop out onto the back porch and try to do some writing. Or work on some jewelry. Or do some mending. Something where I can be outside, because I really don't feel like gardening today.

Or maybe I'll just take a nap. We'll see.

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