Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sick Days...

It's not often that we're all sick as a family together. And so far, this bug has hit only three of us, meaning myself, the Impertinent Daughter, and the Impossible Son. So, we're all feverish and headachy and stuffy together.

And we've all kept ourselves occupied, to a point. I made popcorn, and we watched Spiderman 2 together, though originally, we were going to watch the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie but the DVD is lost somewhere in the depths of the Impossible Son's room and... none of us have the energy to go digging for it.

We're all sort of out of it, but the kids would have occasional bursts of energy, and this is what happened during one of them. The Impossible Son loaded his Nerf gun...

...took aim, and...




He is most fortunate that (1)she loves him very much and (2)she didn't have the energy to get revenge!

Fortunately, that burst of energy quickly wore off, and now, they are doing this...

and this...

Ahhhh, thank you Nintendo and Shonen Jump magazine!!

Notice, also, that the Impossible Son is being supervised by Calcifer. Way to go, Cal, keep the chaos under control!

*wanders off to take more Motrin*

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