Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hee Hee Hee!!

Y'all... I am SOOOOO evil!!

Last night, I put a ringtone on the Husbandly One's phone that says in a very swishy man's voice, "Pimp... pimp phone... ringing pimp phone... pimp phone ringing," over and over again and all without him knowing it. And oh, wasn't it hard for me to keep a straight face, or to keep from cackling with glee last night?

Anyway, in a little bit, I'm going to email friends and family to call him periodically throughout the day so it pops out with that ringtone constantly. Because... he doesn't know how to change it.



Hoo, hoo, hoo... oh, I am evil!!!

Happy April Fool's Day, y'all!!!

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