Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I have almost no memory at all of last night.

I do remember being extraordinarily tired. This is not new, because I have been very, very tired lately, literally putting the kids in bed, then going and falling face-first into mine and not being conscious again until morning. But I hurt my back yesterday, don't ask me how, because I have no idea, none at all! And so, though I was very tired and wanted desperately to go to sleep, it wasn't going to happen because... the pain would keep me awake!

Thing is, after a certain point, everything got kinda hazy, and I just can't flog my memory into helping me out. That's kinda frustrating.

This morning was entertaining, but only in an, "oh geez, I hate mornings like this," kind of way. The Husbandly One shook me awake (he's a Morning Person, and I am not) and left to do his thing. I got up, shuffled into the kitchen for caffeine, and went into my morning routine. This means sitting down at the computer to check my LJ while my brain wakes up, then getting up and finishing the kids lunches. So, there I am, looking at my list of "things to do" and I have the Impossible Son's lunch box open in front of me, pondering what to put in, and I think, "You know, some nice fresh fish would be just the thing!! The fresher, the better!!" So, I put on my hip waders and go out into the backyard and walk to the lovely stream that is running through it. It's a nice stream, about three feet wide or so, and about knee deep, and it's just FULL of fish!! YAY!! I conveniently remembered to pick up the bucket by the door on my way out, so I wade out into the water and bend over and start catching fish with one hand, checking them carefully before either dropping them back in the water, or into my bucket. It's about half full when I decide I have enough. "Mr. Manzie is going to love this!" I think happily, and start to climb out of the stream, when I feel this extremely sharp pain in my back, and then the Husbandly One shakes me and says, "Honey, you went back to sleep again. Wake up!!"

I hate mornings like that! I hate it when I dream I'm awake, and go through my morning routine, except it's slightly off, but I don't notice it until it gets really weird or someone wakes me up!!

Fish? I think the Impossible Son would go ballistic!! Not to mention the smell!!

I think I'm going to go soak in a tub of hot water and see if I can't shake this back ache!!

*hobbles off to the bathroom*

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