Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Your Weekend Soccer Report...

Well, first off, the Impertinent Daughter. I'll cut to the chase. They lost, 6-3, and part of it was just... poor coaching.

And there are 22 girls on the team.

Oh, did I mention the girls don't have their own uniforms, necessarily. They have hand-me-down uniforms... from the boy's high school VARSITY team. Yes, my friends, the school district can afford to lay new sod at the high school football field, they can afford to landscape the high school, and they can afford other things I won't mention here (but they piss me off BIG TIME)...

... but they can't spring for new uniforms that FIT for the junior high (or the high school) girl's soccer teams.

When I was washing the Impertinent Daughter's socks (the uniforms stay at school and are washed there), I discovered they were two different sizes! And they had holes. No wonder her socks kept falling down!!!

No, I am not a happy soccer mom.

Anyhow, the Impertinent One got about eight minutes of playing time. There are so many girls on the team, the coach tries to rotate them so they all get to play. And no, I'm not sharing my opinion of that. Suffice it to say, 22 girls on the 7th grade team, 28 on the 8th grade team, and they play 11 v 11. You do the math.

So... here is the Impertinent Daughter from her game last Thursday...

Rushing in

Miss Priss is the gallant number 5, rushing in as back up for her team mate.

All's I can say is... she had a good game for the 8 minutes she played.

*is hoping the next one will be better*

So, the Impossible Son's game was on Saturday, and they lost, too, 5 to 1. He played forward the first half, and goalie the second half, and he really surprised me. He was fierce and only gave up one goal! The Blue Dragons played hard, but the other team had a kid who probably should have moved up to U10 this season. What was good was watching the Dragons finally catching on to what the Husbandly One has been telling them since practices began. It's so cool when that happens, you can practically see their brains smoking when it clicks. "Oh, this is why coach keeps telling us not to clump up in one area and to keep spread out!!" and, "Oh, this is why he keeps telling us to dribble the ball down the sides and not down the middle!!"

So, the next few games should get progressively better and better! It was so cool!!

And here is the Impossible One, doing his job...

Goalie saves the ball!

Can't you just see him thinking, "It's MINE!! The ball is MINE, MINE, MINE!!"

I told him to pretend the kids from the other team were clones of his sister, and the ball was his favorite nerf gun, and she was coming to get it from him.

Would you say it worked like a charm?

*merry laughter*

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