Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Left to right... right to left... oh... WHATEVER!!!

So now that I have my handy-dandy new glasses and can SEE again, I'm working my way through our Neil Gaiman graphic novel collection. One of the drawbacks to reading manga is the fact that you read it right to left. This makes reading American comics and graphic novels problematic for me, especially if I've been reading a lot of manga, mainly because of the Impertinent One. You know, "Oh, Mom, you have to read this! It's Yotsubsa, and it's so funny!!" or "Mom, Mom, look what happened to Naruto in this issue of Shonen Jump!" etc.

So, when I opened A Game of You, I opened it from the back out of habit and started reading it and thought, wait, this makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever.

Then I thought, oh, duh, you idiot, and opened it from the front to read it properly, except... I was still reading it right to left. Took a few shakes of the head to re-set my brain.

I'm trying to work on Extraordinary Girl, but somehow, another project keeps poking its little head out at me. Something darker, and much more sensual, though it won't let me get a full look at it yet. I really shouldn't, even think of anything else while I have EG to work on, and "Ted's," as well as needing to do editing on the novel I finished.

This other project keeps rumbling things like strong rough hands, and the whisper of silky soft ropes with twists of itchy hemp mixed in, shivers, and hot breath. I wish it would give me a better look. Oh well, it will percolate away in the back of my brain until it's ready to reveal itself.

And now, time for Auntie to turn in. Sleepy-time, over and out!

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