Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ahhhhhh.... better now...

The Husbandly One is a wise, wise man.

I was washing dishes when he came home. He walked in, fended off the kids, came straight into the kitchen, grabbed a paper plate (a wise move when your wife is washing dishes), hunched over a mysterious box he'd set on the counter, then came up behind me and wafted the most perfect, mouth-watering slice of chocolate cheesecake under my nose.

And helped me eat it, because there is no way I can finish a slice of chocolate cheesecake by myself without my brain exploding from migraine.

I am in a much, MUCH better mood now.

I know some of you will laugh, but chocolate is my sole addiction, and when I crave it, that's it. I have to have it. I was getting to the "put the chocolate down and nobody'll get hurt" stage.

*sighs happily*

I love, I love that man o' mine!

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