Monday, March 8, 2010


The Husbandly One surprised us by ordering Ponyo, the newly redone My Neighbor, Totoro, and Castle in the Sky, so we sort of had a Miyazaki weekend!

I convinced him to pull the couch around so it was facing the TV (we used part of the income tax return to buy a new flat screen TV, which is all kinds of awesome), and we all crowded onto it to watch Ponyo Saturday night, in Japanese with subtitles, which was incredibly cool, and of course, changed the story completely for us.

Then last night, we did the same thing, except I made a huge bowl of popcorn for us all to share, and it was like being in our own personal movie theater! We watched Totoro, then Castle in the Sky.

I shall have to write Miyazaki-san and tell him that his animation is so realistic, it had one of our cats charging the TV! It was a scene in Castle in the Sky, where one of the main characters is playing a trumpet while a flock of homing pigeons fly around their tower. Calcifer saw that, saw the birds, and I guess in his little cat brain he was thinking, "HOT DAMN! BIRDS IN THE HOUSE!! NOMS!!!" and the next thing we knew, he had taken a flying leap toward the TV!! Thank goodness he didn't knock it over!!

What was even funnier is that he kept prowling around the TV, or he'd get in our laps and stare us intently in the face, then leap down and prowl the TV again, to the point where he got Yuki and Muta involved as well. Then he got behind the TV, poking around in all the wires, and we had to chase him out. It didn't occur to me until this morning why he was doing all that.



Even now, that ridiculous cat is curled up on the couch, eyeing the TV suspiciously! The other two have decided he's crazy and gone back to the more important pursuit of the Morning Nap. Not Calcifer. He knows, he knows that somewhere, the birds are still lurking... near the tv....

And this is why Jo sometimes finds her cats much more entertaining than television!

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