Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brought to you by Jo

So, the Impertinent Daughter has been busily busy (while she's supposed to be RESTING) working on her own manga series, and is constantly drawing little "drabbles" that alternately crack me up, puzzle the hell out of me, or make me worry about her sanity. In other words, she's a typical writer/artist!

The last two she showed me, though, impressed me and, as usual, I ran straight to the computer to share them with y'all!!

This is from a series she's calling "The RISE and FALL of Kaya Basia." And I think I'll let the two panels I'm posting speak for themselves...

The Rise and Fall of Kaya Basia "Demon Boyfriend"

The second one is just an interlude, so to speak...

The Rise and Fall of Kaya Basia "Demon Boyfriend 2"

Sorry that the words are sort of mushed in the last panel. Miss Priss scanned it, and I tried rescanning it and found that the size of the scanning bed on our scanner, and the size of her paper (as well as her drawing) don't match, so something is going to get smooshed. *sigh*

I'm wondering if her female character ever gets a little bit nervous with those big ol' claws so close to her face!! Ay-yi-yi!! The hazards of a demon boyfriend, I guess!!

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