Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Conversation with Impertinence...

So, I'm sitting here writing, and the Impertinent Daughter walks in.

"You know what just happened?"

"What happened?" I asked, hugging her briefly.

"Well, the ice cream truck came down the street, and we all went to meet it, because I was going to buy some ice cream for me and Little Bother, and the truck started to slow down, but when we got to it, it suddenly sped up, and zoomed down the street and around the corner." She looked very annoyed. "Little Brother tried to chase him down, but when the driver saw him, he really hit the accelerator and disappeared!"

"Hmmm... guess that Pedophile Aversion Charms I put on you and your brother works then," I said absently as I looked back at the computer.

"The... what??" she said, staring at me in stunned disbelief.

"Pedophile Aversion Charms," I said, looking up. "What?"

She was frowning at me. "Hey, I just wanted some ice cream, GEEZ!!"

And she went stomping off.

Kids. No appreciation for quality spells or anything, I swear.

*snorts with amusement*

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