Friday, January 23, 2009

Because she's silly that way...

So, the Impertinent One told me she saw an interesting sticker on a fellow student's binder. It said, "Severus Snape is a better match for Bella; I'll take Edward off her hands."

I laughed and said, "Well, that was random!"

"Totally," she said, and added, "I thought it would have worked better if it had said, Severus Snape is a better match for Bella; I'll just go burn Edward now!"

This made me laugh even harder, because she wants to make a t-shirt that says on the front, "My vampires are sunlight intolerant," and on the back, a picture of Edward's head with the hair on fire and his eyes bugging out. When I could get a breath, I said, "Maybe it should say, I'll just start the bonfire for Edward, shall I?" which made her snicker helplessly.

Then she said, "I like my vampires TOASTY!"

"With extra garlic," I added.

Which made her snort with laughter.

I really, really love it when she gets me! And I know she loves it when I get her!

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