Thursday, November 13, 2008

"Fish heads, fish heads, roly poly fish heads..."

My son has been driving me up the wall today.

I took him to the doctor today, because he's had a really juicy cough the last few days, and it's gotten worse. So... the doctor listens to his lungs (which sound remarkably good, but I've had him on the nebulizer for two days), and then peers into his throat and says, "Well, his throat's not red, but since the Impertinent Daughter had strep, I'll have him swabbed anyway."

Guess what? It was positive for strep.


That's not why he's driving me crazy, though. He was a little hyper before, because his temperature started shooting up after I left the doctor's office. But after we got home, and I'd given him his antibiotic... well, thirty minutes later, he was off the charts!!

I had also given him Benadryl, with the doctor's suggestion that it might make him rest.

There is something that the Benadryl and the antibiotic have in common that I had forgotten about entirely.


The Impossible Son goes ballistically hyper when he's had certain dyes. No, really, I mean, he is completely uncontrollable, and literally vibrates he gets so hyper. He can't have popsicles (unless they're made with natural fruit juices and no dyes) or Skittles, or fruit chews, or any candies that have dyes, etc. I had forgotten about the dyes in Benadryl, and it looks like I will either have to ask for a dye free version of liquid Azithromax, or ask the doctor to prescribe the tablets, since they don't have the dye in them.

Thank goodness it's only for four more days!

I have to admit, my patience is rather short at the moment. All the stress of the last two weeks has decided to manifest itself as a migraine, so... I'm dealing with my hyper-maniac son while also trying to deal with my need to SLEEP off the migraine. Lovely.

Sad thing is, he knows it, and he wants to take care of me, but his version of "taking care of Mama" when he's like this is to pat my forehead (it's rather like having a mini-jackhammer on my skull) and ask me the first things that pop into his mind. "Mom? Mom! Mom? Mom? Mama! Mama? Which Pokemon do you like best, Charzar or oh, wait a minute, Total Drama Island, can we watch it? I like to watch it, but first, can I listen to the He's turtle-crazy, he's turtle mad song? And can I have some chicken nuggets? But first, can I have some of my Halloween candy, and can I have TWO pieces this time instead of one? When is Miss Priss coming home? Is it time to get her yet? Can I go outside and play? Oh yeah, everybody else is at school. Can I have some candy? Oh, right, no, but wait, can I play a game on Oh, I want some tea, no, wait, I want some Koolaid... um... Mom? Why is your face getting all twisty and funny?"

Because Mama is on Full Sensory Overload, kiddo! AAAAAAAUGH!!!

The funny thing is, THO and I were afraid he wouldn't slow down, because he was still rarin' to go at 9:30, and then we finally got him in the tub, and then into bed, and I was reading... or trying to read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix to him. He was asking questions every five seconds, "Why was Umbridge in the fire? Why did she think Sirius was in the fireplace? Why didn't the fire burn her? Do you think Sirius looked funny when he was in the fire? Why couldn't Ron silence his raven, Mama? What do ravens look like? Do we have ravens here? Can you help me find one? Wait, what were you reading again?"

And then, I realized I had actually managed to read an entire sentence without interruption, and looked up... only to find him completely passed out.


I am dreading giving him the antibiotic tomorrow. THO said I should send him to school, but I'm thinking I'll be getting a frantic phone call from his teacher if I do. You know, "OMG, what's the matter with him, he's uncontrollable, and he's normally so sweet and attentive!"

It's tempting. But... I happen to like his teacher! Oh well!

I think I shall go soak in a hot tub and attempt to un-frazzle!

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