Monday, December 3, 2007


How do I love thee?

Oh, let me count the ways...

I love thee for the books you buy me, books that no sane husband would buy for their wife, but you defy convention and buy them for me, because you know me so well...

I love thee for the fact that for my 29th birthday... you bought me a computer. And the happy, surprised look you got on your face when I hit my knees to show you how much I appreciated it...

I love thee for truly awful puns you toss out that make me want to rip my brain out and stomp on it to relieve the pain, and how I have to "out-pun" you to shut you up...

I love thee for the way you mince around the playscape when you're playing with the kids, pretending you can't run fast enough to get away, and then surprise them when you turn and sweep them up in your arms to dump them in a pile of sand or leaves.

I love thee for not protesting when I refuse to play cut-throat Monopoly with you and the kids. And for the truly ridiculous scenarios you come up with when we're playing Pickle.

I love thee for not complaining when I shove my icy cold feet under your thigh to warm them up when we're sitting on the couch together, even though I can see you want to scream and hit the ceiling to escape them.

I love thee for getting me truly awful birthday presents, like the severed finger necklace, and the Ubangi warrior earrings you got me six years ago that turned my ear lobes green.

I love thee for understanding me and my intimate relationship with, and hopeless addiction to chocolate. Thank you for dropping everything to find some when I get a Chocolate Jones. Because the world as we know it would end if Jo didn't get her chocolate!!

I love thee for accidentally putting on my jeans and wandering around the house, completely mystified as to why your jeans were suddenly too long. (my legs are longer than his, even though he's taller than me)

I love thee for making that sinfully delicious pumpkin cream pie... and then saving the last piece for me, hiding it from the kids so you could be sure I got it.

And finally, I love you because you get me, you know me, everything good and bad, and you still love me anyway.

Just thought I should tell you.


The Wifely One

a.k.a. Me

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