Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Blues....

We were supposed to drive into Houston today for Thanksgiving. I was really looking forward to seeing my folks, and my sisters... okay, well, the Blonde Sister, mostly, but I'm glad to see the Practical Sister, too, though she tends to pick at me... and criticize... I know she means well, somewhere in there, but... it's hard not to bristle.

However, I've been doing a bit too much the past couple of days, and so, I've had a wee bit of a relapse. The good news is, the stuff in my chest is breaking up, finally, so now I'm coughing with purpose! The bad news is... we had to stay home.


The Husbandly One let me think I was going to make a pie today, then artfully steered me into the living room to watch TV. After a while, he came into the living room to look at me and said, "You are feeling bad."

No, I wasn't feeling feisty enough to snap back with sarcasm. I just sighed and said, "How can you tell?"

"You've been sitting still for the past thirty minutes, and you're too tired to snark at me."

So he put me to bed.

I am thankful that...

... sometimes, my kids can get along when they know we need the break, and they will help out, whether it's helping in the kitchen, or helping their sneaky papa make sure Mom stays put by cuddling with her, or asking her to listen to them read a book, etc...

... that my husband is not only a good cook, but he enjoys cooking, and is actually quite efficient at it. He made Thanksgiving dinner without our usual team-cooking effort, and I am not only extremely impressed, but I'm very proud of him, too. It was delicious! (he vacuums, too, and actually picks things up off the floor, rather than vacuuming around them!)...

... that we are living in a house that is sturdy, sound, and snug. Because we have lived in houses that weren't, and though we managed, I have to tell you, living in a house that doesn't have a howling gale of a draft going through it during the winter is a gift in and of itself!...

... that the Practical Sister was too tired after Thanksgiving dinner was over to call me and give me a piece of her mind for being too sick to travel. After which, she would then scold me for not taking better care of myself, remind me that I need to rest if I expect to get better, and what the heck am I doing on the phone talking when I should be in bed resting and giving my poor, abused throat a break?? Yes, Bets is a bundle of contradictions, she drives me nuts, but sometimes, I think I actually love her.

And yes, I am going back to bed now.



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