Monday, April 1, 2013

Because I like to get their attention...

I'm at the dryer, pulling out dry towels and putting them in the basket when I hear the fridge door open.  And I know it's the Walking Stomach otherwise known as my son, so I immediately call out, "Leave the strawberries alone!  They're for lunches!"
"Not touching 'em!" my son shouts back as I hear crackling and rattling coming from the kitchen.
"Leave the blackberries alone!" I shout.
"Not touching 'em," he shouts back, sounding almost bored as more crackling and rattling is heard.
Just for grins, I shout, "And whatever you do, leave the squid tentacles alone!"
"Not touch... wait... WHAT??"  An outraged face pops up in the door to frown at me.
"Just checking to see if you were listening," I said with a grin.
Yep, still got it.

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