Sunday, May 15, 2011

Zombie Toe is zombie...

Remember THIS?

Well... it's about to happen. My toenail is about to fall off. And all I can say is... "EWWWWWWWWW!!!!"

All I have to do to send my husband and children (but mostly my husband) fleeing from the room is offer to show them how I can flip my toenail up like the teeny tiny hood of a teeny tiny car... In fact, at one point, the Impertinent One was actually trying to decide which terrified her more... spiders? Or a glimpse of Zombie Toe? The spiders won and she fled. Okay, well, Zombie Toe was in there, too, but see, she was hiding from Zombie Toe, and closed the bathroom door, only to discover spiders (more likely a single spider) behind the door, and her fear of spiders won over the grossness of Zombie Toe. Either way, she fled squealing.

I don't blame her. Zombie Toe is nasty!

Yes, I shall be calling the doctor tomorrow to have Zombie Toe looked at. The Husbandly One keeps muttering about Zombie Toe detaching itself and eating everyone's brains during the night. I think THO's been watching too many horror movies.

No, I won't be inflicting you with pictures of Zombie Toe. Hell, I can barely stand to look at it, why would I make y'all look at it? It doesn't hurt, it's just... disgusting!

And the next person who sings, "I walked with a zombie," around here is going to get clocked with Zombie Toe. Believe me, if Zombie Toe wasn't zombie, I would be doing the International Dance of Horror!

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